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In my chair

TitiyoTitiyo and I go wwwwaaayyyy back! I really love her…she is just a cool and wonderful person:)

Tonight is the Elle Gala and we had quite a few fashionistas at YOU today all getting ready for it.

Titiyo is presenting one of the awards tonight so we did a nice styling for the job…then she put a hat on it!

….haha actually that was the plan from the start….its all part of the styling…to get the fringe….perfect!

All I used Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray which is a lightweight styling spray to give a natural hold before blast drying, then random curls with my favourite Cera Wand and finished with Kevin Murphy …Dry Shampoo to make it a little more…rock and roll….Ta daaa;)

Oh…hey…the cap is optional;)