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In my chair

SiggeFor a while now I have been cutting this dudes hair…you know…Sigge…Sigge Eklund.

It´s funny how you really connect that little bit extra with certain people…well..Me and Sigge have. We always have a really cool….intense…but cool talk;)

Then there is the story of Sigges hair!

When he started coming to me Sigge hadn´t been to a hairdresser for  like….20 years! His wife had been cutting his hair…she was doing her best and Im sure with lots of love…but it wasnt really working 100%…(although not tooooo bad actually;)

Anyway now we have Sigges hair under control…not so easy because he has the most amazing head of hair…its great but…it likes to get BIG….really  BIG;)

To save it Sigge has been using a greasy wax…problem there is that its hard to get out and get everywhere else too.

Now I have him hooked on my magic combination…70% Easy Rider mixed with 30% Night Rider…matt pastes by Kevin Murphy. Magic and perfect for most hair…just adjust the percentages until you get the perfect finish.

Another way to do it and if you dont want to get the 2 pastes…is the next best thing…Undressed not quite the same but but not too far off….maybe more convenient for you too:)

The combination gives a firm but flexible hold which still remains touchable…my own special mix;)

Give it a go guys…and YOU short haired gals;)




In my chair


Recently I had this very special man in my chair.

The man.. the myth…Sigge Eklund had been cutting his hair himself for ..well…a long time.

Now it was time to make a change.

We did and both of us thought that he looked great..Sigge felt great to…

But….the special thing about this session was the conversation…the connection that we found almost immediately.

So…very, very cool!

I´m really looking forward to cutting Sigges hair next time…not only because he´s got great hair…

What a guy!

Sigge for President I say!