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In my chair

Today was such a great day..and…not only because its still reasonably warm outside and that Helene and I managed to take a lovely walk in the city but because I had such a great experience with my client this morning:)

Martin “Miss Inga” Eriksson was in my chair and apart from being a really lovely person there was something special with what we did today.

I love this part of my work because it is just so wonderful to see people look themselves in my mirror and like who they see (not me…themselves;)

Martin had just finished shooting a dual campaign for a great Swedish fashion brand…one female campaign as “Miss Inga” and was now going to shoot the male…Martin Eriksson…part.

So he came in with his long hair and said…now I want to look like a boy again.

So thats what we did!


He was so cool and just wanted it off…no regrets!

I dont know what you think but I think Martin looks absolutely AMAZING…

Doing Martins hair today wasn´t only a lovely experience with a super guy but it was actually a really special experience…to cut “Miss Ingas” hair off and find …Martin….something that really got me…to feel such passion for my trade after 31 years is truly a gift.

Deep and cool for me.

I know Martin really LOVED it…he told me… and showed it…so fun…but the best part was when Martin stood up and said…I love it..its so me…and…

it´s so PRADA!

Oh…and if you look closely at the before and after pics you will notice that even my phone looked happier as an added bonus;)