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In my chair

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This groover was in my chair this week! Her name is Hanna Lundgren and she is the Global Marketing… Top Honcho for Super cool Swedish fashion brand WESC!

Its always so fun when Hanna visits…she is a really unique girl! Cool..individual..inspiring…really herself…very YOU:)

We had a great talk about our brands..WE & YOU…YOU & WE…catchy right…colab? ;)

Girl got some hair too!

I also really love the texture we achieved here!

Here´s how to get it the YOU way:

After drying your hair use: Redken Powder Fresh which is a great non-powdery dry shampoo and for creating texture and for extra root lift Kevin Murphys Powder Puff and brush through with the magic brush this time a PINK Mason Pearson …Hanna liked that;)

In Hanna´s own words…DOPE!

Here´s an extra big KRAM to you all this Friday night:)