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In my chair


This talented young lady…Caroline Roxy is one of the new hot brigade of fashion bloggers making her mark on both the blog and insta worlds!

Caroline and I have worked together a few times now with styling jobs but this time it was haircut time at YOU….well…as you can see…I had my work cut out…literally!

This girl got some serious long and thick hair!

After standing on my tippy toes, bending, stretching, lifting, and brushing and blasting…we got what I think was a lovely look into Carolines hair:)

And as a bonus…I got a work out!

and….thank you to my GHD Blowdryer for making my life a little easier;)





Behind the scenes @YOU

roxy fixed

Hi guys:) Remember the night when we did an event with IM NEXT at YOU?

Anyway…I showed you some of the pics from Caroline Roxy´s blog the other day but ….here was a behind the scenes snapshot taken by Kristina showing the total look…looooong hair and all;)

I really dig this do…hope you do to;)

Take it and make it YOU;)


Hell Yeah!


Last night was the finals for the Blog Awards in which 3 of the bloggers from the blog platform I´M NEXT were nominated.

The whole gang were at YOU last night for a few hours and we did hair, Make-up, hung out and listened to some seriously loud music! I´m gonna show you a lot more later…BUT…in the meantime. I saw that Caroline Roxy had put up this blog of the look I did for her last night so I asked her if it was cool for me to share them with you since we looked at the wet look in a recent post.

Well…she said HELL YEAH!

Thanks Caroline…and …congrats on winning “Newcomer Fashion Blogger 2013″……YOU ROCK!

I´ll show you guys more from the evening later…it was cool

oh…here is what products I used for Caroline´s look…I Poured this Gel into a bowl and brushed it into the roots and mid lengths then I combed through with a large rake comb. (If the gel starts to dry too fast don´t panic…just spray on a little water) Then I dried it in with soft heat and finished with this Spray.