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Fashion, Champagne and Hair

_MG_7256IMG_7742Last night I was at Nobis with the YOU team to style the hair for 10 of Swedens top Bloggers at the VIP launch of Angelica Blicks collection for BikBok:)

It took a while for people to take a seat in our chairs but after a couple of champagnes…the hair got flowing!

It turned out to be a great evening with some really nice hair being done:)

As you can see…the Cera wand took centre stage again but what was the number 1 product we used otherwise? Take a guess and see if you are right….but first heres some clues:

*This product started being used in hospitals

*Its perfect if you dont have time to wash your hair

*its perfect to give hair a matt, finish, more volume and texture.

*All the fashionistas over consume it;)

Now…see if your guessed right….HERE ;)

PS….Angelicas collection looks great too!



Angelica Blick…theYOUway








Hi guys:) Remember a while back I made a post that I way doing something cool with this girl…Angelica Blick.

Well…the last few days has been all about the final edit…getting everything just right to share our Youtorial number 2 with you:) YAY!

Hey…If I do say so myself…in all humbleness…I think its pretty awesome!

You know, I really enjoy the whole process of making these guys, from concept to prep, shooting and then creative meetings for editing with the YOU team and finally signing off on the final edit.

I really am proud of these episodes and all of the amazing people (and dogs;)  involved.

Angelica is an  ICON in the blog world, super talented and….an all round great girl and I´m so happy that we could do this together:)

These pics were taken by our Kristina and I borrowed them from Angelicas blog…they give you a hint of what is coming VERY soon;)

Oh…in the last pic…Angelica is hanging out with a member of our family….the one and only….TRAVIS….Terry that is;)

kraaaammmmm to you all!


…and thats a wrap!

ang1  nails IMG_0032


Today was a great 1st (proper) day back at work!

I spent it at YOU with super blogger and the multi talented (and btw..mega nice;) Angelica Blick shooting our 2nd YOUtorial:)

We had a pretty laid back day and let things happen and as you can see by one of these pics…a few unexpected things did (yep…the black and white one;)

I reckon its gonna be fantastic!

Hey, if you missed the first one we did with Sofi Farhman….check it out HERE on theYOUway. (its been hugely popular and I feel really proud of it)

Stay tuned because YOUtorial Nr 2 is coming to YOU soon;)