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Me & Alex…& Sigge

Today Alex was back in at YOU to get tidied up for Christmas:)

It was really a laugh too…you see a while ago Alex introduced me to his partner in crime Sigge Eklund and I started cutting his hair….nothing strange about that….although Sigge and I really found each other and get on SUPER well ( so do I and Alex;) but….Sigge and I have really hit it off fast and…he has this amazing hair…its become a little issue…

See below;)



The truth is…I love them both equally…(even if Sigge does have better hair than you Alex;)


In my chair


Mr Alex Schulman himself was back at YOU recently. It´s always an enjoyable and… interesting time we have when Alex is here;)

We were both especially pleased this time as we finally…after 3 cuts, managed to fix the haircut Amanda gave him on Gotland during the summer with the…..kitchen scissors;)

Amanda sent me a picture of it when it was done and to be honest I actually didnt know what I was looking at for a few seconds until it clicked;)

All in good fun!