In my chair

DavidTonight is the semi final for Let´s Dance and as we all know…this dude is one of the hosts.

So…today was time to get him in form  for tonight and by the looks of this picture…he´s feelin sssssexy :D

I´ve been cutting David´s hair for about 18 years now and I really enjoy every time we see each other…a great guy…simple.

See David…and his hair in full swing tonight on TV4…along with over 2 million others;)






IMG_6102 Hey YOU!

Some more great news coming your way!

Oribe is a totally new and unique product range created by one of the worlds most influential stylists…ORIBE. The range takes a fresh new approach both in design but also in the function and feel of each product.

I feel that, usually when a real stylist is behind a brand…it shows. it sure does. With products that look and feel special to say the least, any of the Oribe products is a great addition to your bathroom cupboard. My favourite and…the number one selling Oribe product at YOU Stockholm is…Oribe Dry Texturizing spray! The perfect alternative to dry shampoo…one of the best volume and texture products I´ve used.

The entire range is now available at YOU where you are more than welcome to come in and get a touch and feel for the product..but…if you cant make it, then we are happy to let you know that the entire range of Oribe can be found exclusively at our online store…nice hu;)


Try it…you won´t be dissappointed.