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Angelica Blick and YOU

Hi all:)

Hey…Yesterday Awesome Angelica Blick was back at YOU!

When I posted the pic on my insta account I received a number of comments and questions as to how we achieved the the look! Well…it just so happens that we shot one of our cool YOUtorials with Angelica showing how to get the look…the YOU way!

So…sit back and enjoy:)

Hope it helps!



Hi all!

As you all know I continue to work closely with our baby

A motto that I try to work under is “make more with less” its sure better that the other way around anyway;)

So when I was asked to develop a concept for a 20 second Web TV commercial “with less” I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to really capture the essence of what our brand stands for…all in 20 seconds.

So together with a lovely team of people…this is what was produced.

Each time we have a new campaign it will change. Here in the 1st one we needed to crop the film a touch to get the whole campaign in but the next, which is coming soon gets the full picture.

20 seconds is such a short time to say what you want to say but I think we have done pretty well!

Some of you might recognise the cool blonde? Well its Vicki whom works with us at YOU :)

A big thanks to all involved!

Hope you like it folks;)


Youtorial nr4

Hi All:)

A little while ago I was lucky enough the make our 4th YOUTORIAL with amazing Anine Bing and Beauty.theYOUway.

We had a really very fun time and if I do say so myself…we created a pretty good film for you guys to enjoy:) So…sit back, pour up a nice cup of coffee…(or whatever other type of drink you might feel like;) and enjoy our YOUTORIAL NUMBER 4 ;)

Hope you like it:)