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I like…


Hey YOU!

Ok so here is some great news for you!

As some of you might know one of my all time favourite company´s and their products is …Bumble and bumble!

This is a true grass roots hair company all stemming from the Bumble and bumble salons and academy in New York City. Its a company that has always inspired me, partly because of the imagery but also because of their approach to the industry and pride for the hairdressing trade.

When they started to produce their own products I thought ok….these will be good!

Well I wasn´t disappointed and today I find myself grabbing for Bumble and bumble products both at work and at home.

At our store…YOU Stockholm we are the flagship store for the brand, which is something we are very happy about and now…at last we have the exclusive rights in Sweden to have Bumble and bumble on line at

I really cant recommend this brand strongly enough.

To help you along the way, here are some of my favourite products…

* At home I love using B&B Surf Foam Wash and Rinse…perfect for giving fluffy or flat hair a little more full and textured look and feel. You know….just like when you climb out of the surf and your hair dries in the sun…(oops now I´m drifting;) No really…a fantastic product!

* For a loose and lived in feel when styling I love to use the B&B grooming cream. Either when blow drying, containing frizz, separating curls or even as a soft hold but cool finishing product for you guys I find this product a must have

* Ok…this one is easy to describe. The best dry shampoo on the market…hands down is B&B Dry Spun. Non powdery and gives loads of texture and volume…do it!

* Then there is a series which I believe is really special and is used at home by my better half (helene) Based on 6 different oils the invisible oil series of Shampoo, Conditioner and Primer makes your hair feels really quite amazing! Perfect for giving your hair a luxurious look and feel…even on finer hair. Perfect too, if you have , dry, course and/or frizzy hair this is the stuff. I find the product light enough to use on even on more fine “scandi” hair without making your hair feel heavy…Love it!

Give it a go folks…YOU won´t be disappointed!



To give

IMG_4992-compressed Stadsmissionen_YOU-compressedEach year after christmas, we down at YOU take a good look for any products that we feel are no longer required in our store.

Instead of putting them on sale we choose to give them away to people that are less fortunate and/or in a tough period in their life. Each time we do this we call Stockholm Stadsmission. This organisation do a fantastic job helping people in need. So…five fully packed boxes or ca 50, 000 kr worth of luxury products are now on their way to the women´s shelter for women with children that have found themselves in difficult times.

We are all very proud and happy to be able to contribute and hopefully make someones day a little brighter. To give without expecting to receive is a gift in itself.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi 


IMG_0629I was flicking through some of my previous work again today and found this shot that I took myself, backstage right after I come come off stage from holding an international demonstration.

The look was created at a time when PUNK was a huge influence on the catwalk and I wanted to design a shape and technique which could be easily adapted commercially in to salon work. This one one of the results of many. It turned out to be a very popular look at that particular demo and in the afternoon workshop where the hairdressers in the audience got to work on their own models….there was quite a few girls walking out with something very similar;)

Its always fun to inspire and empower people…I love it!

To achieve the texture and finish here I used:

Ample Angora as a styling product and Easy Rider to finish.

Streety and Sexy I reckon.