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Make it YOU


Hey YOU:)

I have to say….this is one of my all time favourite styles…all the way from cut, colour style and vibe.

When I look at Arielle Vandenberg´s hair I think of pictures of Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen…(I do mean their hair;)

All very similar and all VERY popular. Personally a feeling and finish in the hair which I believe is a sexy laid back but still powerful statement. I think it could come from my days growing up surfing in the 70s and 80´s back home in Australia…even a lot of the guys had (and still have) something similar.

To get the look…MAKE IT YOU!


Have your hair cut into a long shattered bob feel with very loose disconnected layers.


Have the hair coloured with a loose ombre feel but using a combination of your natural hair colour and highlights which gently break up the regrowth and frames the face. A tip is to use up to 3 different tones.


*Blowdry your hair with a blow dry lotion like Kevin Murphy´s Anti Gravity creating root volume with your fingers.

*Once dry brush through and the using a large curling iron like the Cerawand 25-38 and wind in large vertical sections away from the face on both sides and leave to cool.

*Brush through using a Mason Pearson Brush  to loosen up the look.

* Finally apply a touch of dry Shampoo like Fresh Hair also by Kevin Murphy to make the hair cool a little lived in.

Now simply ROCK IT!


Make it YOU


Hi all,

I wanted to give you some tips on how the get this look worn by Freja Beha Erichsen for Vogue UK January 2015 and shot by Alasdair McLellan.

It´s really a quite simple look, not sooo flashy but still there are some aspects of this look that make it stand out as something more than the ordinary.

For me it comes down to 2 things…the fringe and the finish.

Heres how to get the look:

1) First have a good stylist cut the fringe in for you. It needs to be point cut blunt, slightly longer out towards the corners and with a slight layer through it so that you can get a little movement and lift into it.

2) To get the finish, first wash and condition your hair with products that with give volume but still maintain a kind of satin finish. The this I like to use Hydrate Me Shampoo and RInse by Kevin Murphy.

3) Now towel dry your hair and apply a styling cream that will give you the same finish. At YOU one of our top selling products is Shu Uemura´s Satin Design Styling Cream. (Our stylists love it) and then blast the hair dry.

5) Once dry, brush your hair out and wind it, in vertical sections, away from the face with the Cera Wand 25-38 which is a great large curl wand that will give you a very loose wave.

6) Once cooled, now take your Mason Pearson Brush and brush out to loosen up and separate the curls. Finish with a gentle dry spray like Blow Pro, Blow Out Spray

Nice hi;)



Angelica Blick and YOU

Hi all:)

Hey…Yesterday Awesome Angelica Blick was back at YOU!

When I posted the pic on my insta account I received a number of comments and questions as to how we achieved the the look! Well…it just so happens that we shot one of our cool YOUtorials with Angelica showing how to get the look…the YOU way!

So…sit back and enjoy:)

Hope it helps!