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In my chair

DavidTonight is the semi final for Let´s Dance and as we all know…this dude is one of the hosts.

So…today was time to get him in form  for tonight and by the looks of this picture…he´s feelin sssssexy :D

I´ve been cutting David´s hair for about 18 years now and I really enjoy every time we see each other…a great guy…simple.

See David…and his hair in full swing tonight on TV4…along with over 2 million others;)





In my chair

11024098_1550690915203632_992300713_nI’ve been cutting this awesome dude…Peter Svensson’s hair for donkey’s years…back to the days when he was rocking the world with his little band….The Cardigans!

Nowadays….without the most of being aware of it, he is writing some of the worlds mega hits both alone and with an old mate of ours…Max Martin;)

One of the things I really admire with Peter is the fact that he, despite all of the success, has remained super humble. Now thats nice!





Angelica Blick and YOU

Hi all:)

Hey…Yesterday Awesome Angelica Blick was back at YOU!

When I posted the pic on my insta account I received a number of comments and questions as to how we achieved the the look! Well…it just so happens that we shot one of our cool YOUtorials with Angelica showing how to get the look…the YOU way!

So…sit back and enjoy:)

Hope it helps!