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Make it YOU


Hey YOU:)

I have to say….this is one of my all time favourite styles…all the way from cut, colour style and vibe.

When I look at Arielle Vandenberg´s hair I think of pictures of Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen…(I do mean their hair;)

All very similar and all VERY popular. Personally a feeling and finish in the hair which I believe is a sexy laid back but still powerful statement. I think it could come from my days growing up surfing in the 70s and 80´s back home in Australia…even a lot of the guys had (and still have) something similar.

To get the look…MAKE IT YOU!


Have your hair cut into a long shattered bob feel with very loose disconnected layers.


Have the hair coloured with a loose ombre feel but using a combination of your natural hair colour and highlights which gently break up the regrowth and frames the face. A tip is to use up to 3 different tones.


*Blowdry your hair with a blow dry lotion like Kevin Murphy´s Anti Gravity creating root volume with your fingers.

*Once dry brush through and the using a large curling iron like the Cerawand 25-38 and wind in large vertical sections away from the face on both sides and leave to cool.

*Brush through using a Mason Pearson Brush  to loosen up the look.

* Finally apply a touch of dry Shampoo like Fresh Hair also by Kevin Murphy to make the hair cool a little lived in.

Now simply ROCK IT!