Monthly Archives: February 2015

To give

IMG_4992-compressed Stadsmissionen_YOU-compressedEach year after christmas, we down at YOU take a good look for any products that we feel are no longer required in our store.

Instead of putting them on sale we choose to give them away to people that are less fortunate and/or in a tough period in their life. Each time we do this we call Stockholm Stadsmission. This organisation do a fantastic job helping people in need. So…five fully packed boxes or ca 50, 000 kr worth of luxury products are now on their way to the women´s shelter for women with children that have found themselves in difficult times.

We are all very proud and happy to be able to contribute and hopefully make someones day a little brighter. To give without expecting to receive is a gift in itself.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi