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That Attitude

IMG_4439-compressedHey guys!
I just wanted to share this shot with you.

It was taken at YOU right after Tom Thomasson had his hair cut with Adam. It got me thinking that maybe the guys got a little inspired by my recent Elvis post;)

Either way I think that Tom really looks the business and….that attitude!!

I asked Adam how he achieved the finish and this is what he said.

1) Blow dry the hair with your fingers using Shu Uemura Satin Design Cream this cream is one of our best selling products and really is a great styling product.

2) Once dry, work Easy Rider from Kevin Murphy through the hair to achieve separation and direction. This paste is pliable and not greasy. Great for this type of finish

3) Now brush the style into place and seal the deal with a light cover of Redken Quick Dry 18 which is a great uncomplicated spray. A tip is to spray a little into your brush and brush the style into the shape you like before the final finish. This way you get the spray inside the shape which will give the style a longer life.

Thanks Adam…and Tom!



These two

Hey YOU!

This time of the year…every year I can be sure of two things. I will miss home (Australia) and…I will get dry hands, and….my hands are a pretty important part of what I do. So the same as every year I turn to the perfect solution…Aesop. Australian, amazing smelling and incredibly effective products.

I love…Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash and Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm they really are lovely on the hands, they give me a homey feeling of Australia and….look so cool in the bathroom.

No wonder these two are on the bestsellers list at YOU!

I strongly recommend these two beauties for both men and women.

Hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!

product-2 product-3


IMG_0629I was flicking through some of my previous work again today and found this shot that I took myself, backstage right after I come come off stage from holding an international demonstration.

The look was created at a time when PUNK was a huge influence on the catwalk and I wanted to design a shape and technique which could be easily adapted commercially in to salon work. This one one of the results of many. It turned out to be a very popular look at that particular demo and in the afternoon workshop where the hairdressers in the audience got to work on their own models….there was quite a few girls walking out with something very similar;)

Its always fun to inspire and empower people…I love it!

To achieve the texture and finish here I used:

Ample Angora as a styling product and Easy Rider to finish.

Streety and Sexy I reckon.