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924154_1505241299751391_701699977_nToday I was up at Aftonbladet together with awesome…and super nice….Pamela Bellafesta pre-shooting a segment to be sent as part of a live sending we are doing together with Horse1 TV for their annual gala event. More shooting with theYOUway and beauty.theYOUway at YOU tomorrow and then live from Berns tomorrow night!

Its a different and fun gig….I just love doing things outside of the box;)



I like it!


Hey YOU!

Heres a little tip that I want to share with you!

Every so often a new series comes along that has something that ” little extra”….well here is one.

To be honest I am usually a bit sceptical about new products saying they will do amazing things…so I always test them;)

So…I have tested this series, the newest line to join the KEVIN.MURPHY range PLUMPING! 

And…I like it! 

Plumping means that you will get thicker, more plumped up hair instantly and also over time!

The range consisting of PLUMPING.WASH,  PLUMPING.RINSE and BODY.MASSThe polymers in the products give an instant result of fuller, thicker hair from the first application which will encourage you to keep it up!

Right now there is a special kit created which is great value and give you a way to easily and cost effectively try the Plumping series for yourself.

Hope you like it as much as I do!