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YOU Beauty

Karlie-Kloss-Vogue-Netherlands-October-2014-Oracle-Fox.5 Karlie-Kloss-Vogue-Netherlands-October-2014-Oracle-Fox.2 Karlie-Kloss-Vogue-Netherlands-October-2014-Oracle-Fox.41 Karlie-Kloss-Vogue-Netherlands-October-2014-Oracle-Fox.3 Karlie-Kloss-Vogue-Netherlands-October-2014-Oracle-Fox.1 Karlie-Kloss-Vogue-Netherlands-October-2014-Oracle-Fox Karlie-Kloss-Vogue-Netherlands-October-2014-Oracle-Fox.6


HEY…I love this shoot and above all the hair! I discovered it in the October issue of Vogue Netherlands, it´s shot by Alique. So cool!

Its my kind of hair and vibe in the shoot, beautiful and cool but with edge and a big dose of “wink in the eye”. Stylish with a dash of “I dont give a damn”

Very YOU and Very me.

Here´s a couple of tips on how to achieve a similar look at home.

1) First make sure you use a great volumizing product and blowdry lots of volume and movement into your hair. I would recommend Ample Angora by Shu Uemura if you prefer a mousse or if you prefer a volume spray I would go for Anti Gravity Spray by Kevin Murphy…it does just what it says it will do;)

2) Once your hair is full of volume and totally dry, its time to use the magic ingredients. The trick is to get a semi wet look without making the hair hard and/or heavy. What I use is a mix of two key products. The ratios in the mix depends totally on how thick your hair is….that one is up to you to decide;)

3) The mix:  One of these products is my all time favo product..its Easy Rider by Kevin Murphy and the other is Oi/Oil by Davines. The trick is to mix these two together. If the have finer hair use more easy rider and for thicker hair use more Oi/Oil. This will give you semi wet ( I call it satin finish) looking hair with it being too heavy!

3) Now use a Wide Tooth Comb to style the YOU way!

A little tip is…if you feel you need more volume at the roots use a touch of Dry Shampoo right at the roots;) For this type of look I prefer Powder Refresh by Redken as it is a clear , non-powdery formulation.

Now…get wet;)




curls21Natural Curls!

Amazing …or?

Its funny , what I have seen over and over again throughout my career is the fact that most people with curly hair want straight hair and visa versa people with straight hair want more curls.

I think the real issue is that often, people with curly hair like Hanna, a client of ours at YOU in the picture above don´t really know how to get the most from their amazing curls.

The other day I received a mail from Cecilia asking me for help and also tipping that I should maybe do a post about how to handle curly hair and how to beat the FRIZZ, which at this time of the year can be a real issue! So for all of you people out there lucky enough to have curls or simply want to control frizz…here YOU go;)

1) Go to a good hairdresser that knows how to cut curly hair! It´s a whole different thing to cut straight hair and curly hair. In fact there is a little bit of a shortage with stylists that are great with curls so my suggestion is to first look for a good salon and then ask if they have a “curl specialist”

2) Once you now have the right cut, those of you with curls know just how important it is to treat your hair correctly with the right selection of products. Now in the picture above you can see that Hanna has super curly hair but, in the steps below I have been sure to choose products that will suit all types of curls and even help beat the frizz.

3) Now…this starts in the shower! Be sure to use the right shampoo and conditioner to ensure that the curls are boosted from start. I like Davines Love Curl Shampoo and Conditioner they seem to give lift to the curls while at the same time creating separation and…the all important definition. Now towel dry well.

4) In damp hair apply a good curl defining cream like  AMIKA Curl Define Cream . This will bind and smooth your curls giving more definition without making the hair feel too “producty” Keep in mind to use as little as possible and to ensure that you achieve an even application focusing on your mid-lengths to ends.

5) Now blow dry gently with a diffuser. being sure at this point not to get your fingers in their too much. A great way is to simply let the hair sit inside the diffuser for short periods. This brings the curl together. Once almost dry shake the curls out to loosen up the look.

6) To bring volume from the roots, a shot of Fresh Hair from Kevin Murphy can used as a styling agent to give a little more edge. I personally like it when curls are a little disheveled…it just looks cooler! If you would like a little more definition to the ends, which is nice, I use  Shu Uemura Essence Absolue and gently work it in from mid lengths to ends.

Oh and…an extra tip!

If your hair gets a little wild and unruly in certain areas and the product doesn´t help you can always go in with a Small Cera Wand to tame the stubborn ones;)

Now…get out there and BOUNCE!


YOU Beauty night

Hi all! Hey…this week we had a great beauty night at YOU together with Beauty.theyouway (our online store) and a bunch of great, beauty interested guests!  As you can see below, we had an amazing evening filled with beauty advice, tips tricks, shopping and amazing food and drink!

I just find it incredibly inspiring to work together with the team, sharing our knowledge with people just like….YOU;)29Here Im explaining the importance of the correct product choice to control curls.IMG_1440Emelie, the our resident certified skin therapist shares her knowledge with 2 of our guests.IMG_1381Lena our medical aesthetician had her deep skin scanner with her and…she was slammed busy all night!26Janina from BY TERRY was at hand for makeup make oversIMG_1489The Cera Wand got a real working out…and was a big hit!IMG_1404Chris from GHD was at hand to show us all the new and fantastic products that we will soon have with us! Together with a great brand presence…IMG_1356Fueguia 1833 IMG_1330Africology and…IMG_1353IMG_1335IMG_1334BY TERRY…and then there was the all important drinks and food!IMG_1340The fridge was fully stocked with ice cold drinks from BIONADENOBE Aloe Vera and FEMME BOOSTIMG_1316and then there was some bubble too but check out the Crazy good food from URBAN DELI.…soooo good it was hard to focus;)IMG_1362IMG_13212bild-3IMG_1375A super nice group of people made the night complete!

It was a great night and we really hope to do more!

Inspiring for all I think;)