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Make it YOU

hämta-2I love when graphic haircuts are styled loosely! It creates such a stylish…and cool vibe. Thats just what happened when Designer Nhina Svensson recently visited YOU and had her hair styled by Adam.

Here´s how you make it YOU.
1) Apply More Inside Curl building Serum by Davines and blowdry with your fingers, finishing loosely with a Paddle Brush. Be sure to leave a soft movement to the hair.

2) Once you have the movement you are after, work a touch of Easy Rider by Kevin Murphy in to your hands and gently squeeze into your hair to create an edgier texture with soft hold and shine. Now place the hair where you like it…but not too placed…keep it loose!

3) Finish with a touch of medium hold finishing spray to keep the style in place without making it look stiff.

4) Now get out and take on the world;)

Note: This technique can be applied to longer and shorter styles….even for guys!







Hi guys!

Hey…last night was the live chat together with It was awesome that soooo many people joined in! I just had no chance to keep up! We are talking about do the chats more regularly and make them a little longer in future:)

Anyway I did manage to answer a few great questions…

Here is the entire chat just for YOU below!

oh and hey….thanks to those of you reading this that joined in!

And for those of you that couldn´t..I hope to see you next time


Här kommer en chatt som stjärnfrisören Steve Terry gjorde för The You way! Läs för att lära dig vad som rengör ett hår på bästa sätt, vilka produkter som är nödvändiga nu på sommaren och hur du bäst skyddar håret när du sover!

Fråga från Jessica
- Steve, när är man för gammal för rosa hår? Är 43 och mina barn skulle skämmas ihjäl om jag hade pastellhår, men jag är sugen.

Steve Terry:
- Hi Jessica! Hey…In my world you are never too old for anything. If you are sugen just go for it…I´m older than you and I just had 2 tattoo sleeves done because I was sugen…Just go for it. I think the kids might think you are cool for being you? Enjoy your pink hair!

Fråga från Lars
- Om man börjar bli lite tunnhårig, vad ska man tänka på? Förutom Regaine eller liknande produkter då..

Steve Terry: 
- Hi Lars, Its a common issue! Just get a good haircut and dont be too concerned about it. If you just stand for it, dont try cover it up it always looks coolest. Using greasy products can make your hair look thinner so try stay away from those…Use a Plumping Shampoo and Conditioner like Kevin Murphýs plumping range…its really very good! 

Fråga från Alejandra
- Hi Steve, I’m new I’m Sweden trying to find a good local hair stylist, do u guys have experience w/ Latina hair? Attempt to go dark brown to ash blonde, in the orange stage now! Bleached my hair two weeks ago. Should I wait couple of months more before going lighter or stop by at YOU Sthlm for the next step of my new bombshell blonde look? x.o

Steve Terry:
- Hi Alejandra:) I suggest calling YOU (08 – 23 88 88 ) and book a time for a consultation. Then we know what to do…theres no need to be orange when you want bombshell blonde! ox

Fråga från Julia
- Jag ska till Ibiza på semester – vad är det viktigaste att ta med sig för håret? Blir mkt bad och sol och sånt :)

Steve Terry:
- Hi Julia! Ibiza sounds nice! Hey…check out my blog I have just done a couple of indepth posts about how to best look after your hair during summer:) Hope you find what you need…I think you will;) Enjoy your holiday!

Fråga från Mangan111

- Mitt hår är mörkt för min ålder, men skägget mitt är väldigt grått. Kan man färga skägget hos frisören?

Steve Terry: 
- Hi Mangan…Yeah I guess you could but what you describe sounds pretty cool! I think if you start colouring your beard its gonna be a lot of work to keep it up. Probably easier to lighten your hair a little with some highlights or something to bring the beard and your hair closer. Hope this was some help!

Fråga från Alma
- Jag vill ha en smart och trendig uppsättning på stranden, hur fixar jag det?

Steve Terry:
- Hi Alma! On my blog (link to post HERE ) I have published an article that I did together with WELLNESS showing a couple of styles and how to get them. One is a mix of braids and the other a simple but very cool knot. There is also a post about how to get the PRADA ballerina knot…very trendy , understated and cool. Otherwise as slick low ponytail always looks hot! Hope you find something you like;)

Fråga från Lovisa

- Vad är mest skonsamt för ett långt hår, att sova med en lös fläta eller en lös knut mitt på huvudet?

Steve Terry:
- Hi Lovisa! I would say a fläta…it leaves a great beachy wave in your hair too! I suggest applying a light leave in conditioner before you platt like EVO´s Day of Grace. It has UVA and UVB protectors too and help against friction while you are sleeping.

Fråga från Mathilda

- Hi! My hair started to get very damaged, and i have no idea why. It has always been very soft and now it’s really not. I dont use straightener more then before, actually less! I dont know what to do to get it back as before. Do you have any advise of what i can try?

Steve Terry:
- Hi Mathilda, Without knowing your hair history its hard to say…but it can sometimes have to do with stress, products, diet etc. My guess it that the care products you are using contain too much protein. While protein is good for your hair…too much can actually make the hair brittle. Try using a high moisture content product like Kevin Murphy´s Hydrate me series. They actually have a great value pack coming which contains softening oils. Take a look on and look under Kevin Murphy. Good luck:)

Fråga från Josefine
- Hej! Jag har på senare tid fått problem med att mitt hår inte känns helt rent efter att jag duschat och tvättat mitt hår med både schampoo och balsam. Jag använder samma produkter som tidigare och tvättar håret lika ofta (varannan dag), men ändå känns det som en fet hinna sitter kvar även när det är nytvättat. Vad ska jag göra?

Steve Terry:
- Hi Josefine:) Ok…without knowing which products you are using it sounds like it could be a build up of silicone. I suggest changing the product you are using and then use a deep cleansing shampoo and deep conditioner for 1 week. Then continue to use these products 1 time a week thereafter. Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash and Born again treatment are best and will keep such things out of your hair! Hope this helps! ox

Steve Terry: 
- Thanks for joining in everybody! Its soooo fun. YOU all ROCK! Hope to see you back again soooon;) kram Steve