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1320756615_02I was making dinner tonight when I heard a wicked song come on to the TV.

It was “Kids in America” by Kim Wilde.

OMG…for me Kim Wilde in this video looks amazing!

The hair, the make up, the clothes…the lot…oh and such a coooool attitude!

Super modern and super cool!…by the way the song and video were recorded in…wait for it 1980.

1980 was the year I started getting into hair!

Ive been thinking lately that we might just be heading for an eighties revival…just a faint feeling…but you never know;)

Many say that the eighties were full of bad taste…maybe so but they were fun, expressive and experimental! Nothing wrong with that in my world;) So….secretly…I´m hoping for an eighties revival….especially if it looks this this…

Its Friday night…have a great weekend folks…..Enjoy:)


Inspiration for YOU


Sometimes pictures just catch my eye…so I share them with you guys;)

I like…once again the …contrast in these pics (are you starting to see a pattern?;)

All the different elements are coming together to create a great synergy.

I also dig the cut on Jaquelyn Jablonski seen in Vogue Russia June 2014.

A long choppy bob with chuncky layers and a loose sexy fringe.

Styling…ala natural;)

photographer: Emma Tempest  .

stylist: Camila Pole

Make it YOU

Opening Ceremony & "Grace Of Monaco" Premiere - The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival red carpet - blake lively - 14.05.2014 - 7_picture_original.jpgHey YOU!
I just had to show you this one…you know, I really dig the way that Blake Lively wore her hair when she attended the premier of “Grace of Monaco” recently.

Once again understated cool elegance…once again the contrasts between super dressed and laid back beach style…perfect;)

Heres how you can get the look at home….its actually really quite easy if you follow these steps.

1) First wash you hair with a cleansing or volume shampoo and conditioner. This ensures body that lasts.

2) Now blowdry your hair using lots of mousse to create volume and texture. Putting your hard upside down and blasting, using your fingers to lift from the roots helps to create maximum volume…and you don´t have to fight gravity;)

3) Once dried put your hair into a high ponytail and for added texture you could try a texture spray and blast in. Now secure with a bungy grip. Here is a great little kit that can help you;)

4) Take a section of hair out of the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin.
5) Now apply dry shampoo to the ponytail and loosely plait the hair and secure at the bottom with a nice elastic.
6) To achieve the cool texture in the ponytail gently rub with your hands and pull the ponytail apart slightly to create a looser sexy feel.
7) Use a light spray to hold it gently into place.
8) Get out and enjoy it!
Photos c/o Loreal