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this is it

Hi friends:)

Isnt it lovely that the weekend is upon us …once again;) This one is a bit of a special one with lots of parties…right;) So I thought I would give you  bit of a tip to get a cool,spring party look;)

You know I get loads of questions about how I achieve Victoria´s Secret waves (a great spring party look;) and…well…its no secret….this is it…the Cera Wand…hands down the best curler there is…I love it…and its super affordable, a good investment;)CeraWamd2

My favo wand is this one the Cera Wand 19-32mm is a curling iron with ceramic finish that creates glossy curls without frizz. You can control the heat up to 210 degrees curling iron has a 3 meter long rotating cord. With this rod you can create both rich loose curls but even tighter if you use the pliers outer end.

If you want to see how I do it…check out this YOUtorial I did together with Super Fashionista and our client at YOU…Miss Angelica Blick

Hey…Happy partying people;)


In my chair

plToday I had awesome Pär Lernström back in my chair:) Pär has actually become quite well known for his cool hair…something I personally are really proud of;)

Anyway…today I was trying to convince Pär that he should go for a new look so that people don´t get bored of looking at him on all the TV shows he is on…”Time for a change!” I said.

I then gave him this hot new look….the middle part…wet look! Super nice I thought…Pär wasnt so sure;) I really dont understand that guy sometimes! ;)


In my chair

BjörnIn Flames lead Guitarist Björn Gelotte was in for a cut.

In Flames is without competition Swedens biggest and best metal band with over 2.5 million sold records.

Björn must save all of his hard side to the stage because he is a super nice and laid back dude….he can sure play guitar too;)

Oh….and the beard…I wish;)