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Thank YOU :)

Hi all!

Yesterday was a really proud day for us and the next step for the concept that Me,Helene and Liam:) created and launched a little over a year ago.

From the conception of this concept we have always had the vision to grow the YOU way into a wonderful place of Fashion and Beauty…full of heart, warmth, tips, tricks, inspiration and….shopping…a complete and modern service with a meaning.

In a few weeks we get rolling…its and incredibly exciting time:)

Anyway…I have to be honest….I´m kind of busy these days and have a full family life….Anything I do I really want to do it with focus, commitment and passion. Thats why, sometimes one has to prioritize and thats why I have decided to stop blogging for now.

But hold on…Instagram rocks and…yes…you can find me there! I really hope that you will come and follow me @ steveterry1  and…hey…in fact I think I´m alright at it too but I´ll let you be the judge of that;)

Thanks for visiting me friends and hope to see you soon!

And hey…remember…always love, trust and believe in YOU…



A good day


I was back at Fashion week this afternoon, this time with Noomi:)

We went and supported a mutual friend…wonderful Maria Monti who had styled one of the shows then off to the Maria Nilsdotter exhibition and Bukowskis! It was really cool! Maria had popped in to YOU while I was trimming Noomi´s fringe earlier in the day and hung out for a while. Not only is she super talented at making jewellery but she is mega nice too:)

Anyway…after a bit of a mingel we went off to Söder for a bit of a special dinner.. This time with the guys from The Teddy Bears and one of my all time favourites and original hair muses…the fantastic Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders! Soooo fun to hang out with her.

oh…and…super cool…and super nice!

A good day!



MBFW Sthlm

photo (25)

How beautiful is Berns!!?? I just love this place:) Well…here we are again…Stockholm Fashion Week!

I was in pretty late today…had a lot to do in the morning which meant I arrived around 17.00…just in time to eat some serious dumplings before doing some Live TV with our friend…gorgeous Nina Johansson!

Nice vibe there today! Good energy…

oh…here´s the clip ;)

Hope you enjoy it!