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Aren´t we lucky

sunset copy

This afternoon I went out for a walk and talk meeting…as a bonus the business meeting was with a special friend.

Sometimes I really like to do that..walking and talking for me is such a clear and refreshing way to really nut out questions and plans and it really gets my creativity going. So nice!

Anyway…on the way back into town….this is what greeted us and we just had to stop and take it in….

Wow..Stockholm…YOU are so beautiful!

Aren´t we lucky:)


Ps: nope no filter;)


Being Kate…



haha…I just found these pictures of Kate Moss totally in contrast to my previous post …here is Kate just being….Kate.

Its funny because for me…out of the top 10 favourite and most inspiring potraits of all time I would say that Kate Moss is in number 3 to 10 in the list.

There is just something so raw and real with her…she has a way of making photo´s POP…yes…she is beautiful but there is something more…it feels like in the camera..its Kate You see and Kate You get…she connects… like in these.

Oh..and…places 1 and 2 on my all time most inspiring photo´s of all time…thats… Helene and Liam…in no specific order.